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Marco TRS-5100 Total Refraction System creates extremely precise and reliable electronic refractions, reduces staff variables and removes transcription errors, while smoothly integrating with EMR systems.

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Marco TRS-5100 allows the doctor to control the refraction process and replaces the conventional refractor. The doctor can stay seated eliminating the repetitive stress injuries. The TRS makes the physician’s life easier and gives the patient a much exam that is faster. The doctor can pre-program the refraction process to increase exam efficiency. The OPD measures the integrity of a patient pathway, harvests at less than 1 minute, and more than 20 diagnostics in ten seconds per eye, determine which patients will require corrections or complete refractive work-ups to achieve 20/20 vision.

The Marco TRS-5100 then immediately finishes all refractions and allows prompt patient verification of old vs. new Rx. Together these technologies create an understanding of the individual’s total system. The outcome is more relevant information in a fraction of the time of classic refractions. Refraction is thorough and it reduces. An average, unremarkable refraction, including subjective refraction unaided acuities, phorias, near testing, and the contrast between old and new Rx currently averages about 7 minutes. You, the individual, actually find precise for all of us to make decisions due to the simultaneous viewing through script refinement and can enjoy the technology.

Marco TRS-5100 Total Refraction System creates extremely precise and reliable electronic refractions, reduces staff variables and removes transcription errors, while smoothly integrating with EMR systems. The guide refractor is replaced by the TRS-5100 Digital Refractor and enables the clinical team to control the refraction procedure. The TRS enhances the encounter with Optical Path Diagnostics via a contemporary, more accurate and quicker exam. The individual’s refraction may be customized to compensate for lifestyle or alternative lighting conditions. The whole refraction process can be pre-programmed improve examination time, to standardize the procedure, increase staff efficiency, and optimize patient flow.

Marco TRS-5100 and OPD-Scan III Wavefront system all types of settings:

  • The trouble with excessive glare and less than optimal vision when driving at night? Our X fraction process can help.
  • Feel like you just aren’t seeing your best with your latest pair of glasses? Our eye exam using the X fraction process can tell you why.
  • Think cataracts are impacting your vision? The X fraction process can show you if you’re right.
  • Measurement Range
  • Sphere -29.00 to +26.75D (0.12D / 0.25D / 1D / 2D / 3D steps)
  • Cylinder 0 to ±8.75 D (0.25D / 1D / 2D / 3D steps)
  • Axis 0 to 180° (1° / 5° / 15° steps)
  • PD 48 to 80mm (far vision) 50 to 74mm (near vision) (0.5 / 1mm steps) 54 to 80mm (Far PD at which both batteries can converge)
  • Rotary Prism 0 to 20D (0.1 / 0.5 / 2D increments) 0 – 20D (0.5D, 1D, 2D steps)
  • Auxiliary Lenses Occluder, Polarizing Lenses, Pin Hole (1mm), 10 base-in prism, Red Maddox Horizontal (right eye), 6 base-up prism, Red Maddox Vertical (left eye), Cross mark for P.D., Red Lens (right eye), .50 fixed cross cylinder, Green Lens (left eye), Retinoscopic Lens, (+1.5D, +2.0D)
  • Refraction Distance for Near Vision 350 to 700mm (50mm increments)
  • Visual Field 40° (VD = 12mm) 39° (VD = 13.75mm)
  • Forehead Rest Adjustment 14±2mm
  • Vertex Distance 12-20mm (12, 13.75, 16, 18, 20mm) General Information
  • Horizontal Level Adjustment ±2.5°
  • Display 8.4-inch color LCD with touch screen
  • Printer Built-in
  • IC Reader/Writer Built-in
  • Power Supply AC 100 / 120 / 230V / 50 / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption 120 VAC Dimensions and Weight
  • Refractor Head Main Body 15.94 x 4.0 x 10.86” / 12.8” with bracket / 7.7 lbs.
  • Control Box 8.66 x 8.1 x 7.87” / 4.2 lbs.
  • Relay Box 7.63 x 8.93 x 2.83” / 8.8 lbs.
  • Printer 4.0 x 3.38 x 4.76” / 0.66 lbs.
  • TRS Arm Electromagnetic lock, fully moveable up/down and back/forth

Marco TRS-5100  digital refraction complete for lane set up. Comes with Automated phoropter, control panel, control panel stand, ARK 500, and space-saving chart system w/ wall mount.

TRS-5100 Marco auto phoropter brochure

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